Friday, May 30, 2008

Web Snob Weekly Potpourri

Los mejores posts de los Web Snobbers de esta semana: Sexo en Nueva York, nueva colección de Patricia Field para Payless, colores para este verano y mucho más...
This week Web Snobbers best entries: Sex and the City, new collection Patricia Field for Payless, this summer crazy colours and much more...

Sex and the City

Bag Snob attends the event of the year: Sex and The City Movie Premiere!
Debutante Clothing gives a nod to Carrie Bradshaw - vintage style.
Fashion Indie's Ten Reasons to Skip Sex and The City.
Shrimpton Couture spots vintage on one of the Sex And The City girls .
The Shoe Goddess shares her take on Jimmy Choo sandals featured in Sex and the City.


Second City Style has figured out why celebs are doing it up bright and has tips how to pull this look of yourself!

Fashion, Design & Lifestyle

Fashiontribes takes a stroll in the new Patricia Field for Payless sexy summer collection.
KRiSTOPHER goes cheap and chic.
Coquette falls for the perfect white dress.
V-Style shows you how to accessorize Betsey Johnson's Twist on the Little Black Dress.
I'm Not Obsessed shows you 6 feminine dresses for under $100.
Are clothes getting less expensive? Papierblog takes a look.
Quinta Trends begins a new interviews series with Latin-Americans designers.
My Fashion Life asks is the nautical look a trend or a staple?
Fashion, Evolved talks to Damali Ayo, the designer of a brand new line of sustainable fashions called CROW Clothing.
Bag Bliss: Help the fight against ovarian cancer!
Calculatus Eliminatus gives the lowdown on men's sandals for the coming days at the beach.
Stylenotes nabs an interview with the fabulous Toni Hackerof Hayden-Harnett, an NYC brand known for their amazing prints, cool clothes, and luxe leather handbags.
The Fashionable Housewife finds several practical and stylish hats to protect your face from harmful rays.
Ladybrille interviews sports legend about Sports Apparel Manufacturing in Africa. is crazy about color this summer.
The Coveted's findscomfy strapless bras for all sizes.
Stylehive's Next Big Thing: Salvadoran Designer Eugenio Menjívar’s rECOlector Lamps.


Beauty Snob loves the sexy make up from Kat Von D!
A Few Goody GumDrops tells us that mousse is not just a dessert! It's a beauty secret for summer that you won't want to miss!
55 Secret Street indulges in Comfort Creams & Candles.
Stiletto Jungle has 6 ways to refresh on a hot summer day.
eBeautyDaily tries the roll on peel kit from Skin Amnesty.
All About the Pretty may have to buy her own bottle of Annick Goutal’s Le Jasmin.
SugarShock Beauty reveals what may be lurking in your shower.
Organic beauty products AND a free summer bag? The Organic Beauty Expert gives the lowdown on the newest online retailer on her Fave list!

Celebrity trend: Yellow Fever

Una temporada más uno de los colores tendencia sigue siendo el amarillo. Y entre las aficionadas, caras conocidas y nuevas.
One more season one of the trendiest colours is yellow. And among the fans, faces both familiar (members of the yellow team) and new.

Pantalones, abrigos y chaquetas, ...
Trousers, coats and jackets, ...

... vestidos y más vestidos, ...
... dresses and more dresses, ...

... bolsos...
... Bags...

... y hasta esmalte de uñas (una vez más se hablará de quien marcó y quien siguió la tendencia).
and even nail polish (and once again we have the who was the first and who followed debate here).

Amarillo combina con casi todos los colores pr no decir con todos. Pero esta temporada la combinación más trendy es la que podríamos llamar "Gucci": amarillo, blanco y negro.
Yellow combines with almost all colours. This season trendiest combination is the one we can call "Gucci": yellow, black and white.

Amarillo arrasa no solamente entre las sxy fashion queens (y eso que nos queda por ver la carpeta roja amarilla) sino también en editoriales (esto son solo algunos ejemplos)...
Not only sxy fashion queens are keen on yellow (and we didn't go through the yellow red carpet) but also stylists (these are only some of the editorials)...

... y por supuesto en la gran pantalla (léase en Sexo en Nueva York, entre otros).
... and of course on the big screen (i.e. in Sex and the City, among others).

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celebrity Style: Victoria Beckham

Este especial está dedicado a todos los que me mandastéis vuestras peticiones y quejas por no haberle dedicado últimamente tanto tiempo a Victoria como os tenía acustumbrados en el pasado. Así que para todos vosotros, especialmente para Jane, Angelica, Miriam y Henry. Tanta presión, tanta presión... En fin, lo dicho. Allá va. Y también os quiero ;o))
This special post is dedicated to all of you who sent me your requests and also to those who were complaining about myself not giving Victoria as much space and attention as I did in the past. So for all of you, especially for Jane, Angelica, Miriam and Henry. There it goes. And I love you as well ;o))

Hoy hablaré de tendencias que la reina de city chic introdujo o está potenciando mucho esta temporada.
Today I'm going to recap those trends the city chic queen introduced or is beeing keen on this season.

I. Faldas con cintura alta * High waisted skirts

II. Vestidos años 60 * 60's dresses

III. Pantalones campana * Flared jeans
Muy años 70. Todos de su marca dVb.
Very 70's. All of them dVb.

Para los que me preguntaron por el "dVb celebrity team" deciros que tiene una socia nueva: Kate Beckinsale. Pero creo que vamos a estar todos de acuerdo que la presidenta sigue siendo Naomi.
For those who asked me about the "dVb Celebrity Team", we have a new member: Kate Beckinsale. But I believe we all agree the president of this club is still Naomi.

III. Bolsos de diseñadores (además de su enorme colección de los Hermés) * Designer handbags (on top of her endless Hermés collection)

IV. Bolso con pañuelo (esta ha sido la favorita de mi madre a finales de los 70, principios de los 80) * Bag & scarf (this was the favourite of my mum end 70's, early 80's)

V. Plataformas * Platfom shoes

En las anteriores temporadas han sido YLS, Balenciaga y Lanvin, entre otros. Su último "fichaje" son estas increíbles plataformas de Versace.
In the past seasons is were YLS, Balenciaga and Lanvin, among others. Her last pair are these fabulous Versace platforms.

Como le gusta mucho el diseñador Antonio Berardi, me pregunto si también la veremos en sus polémicas sandalias de plataforma sin tacón.
Since she likes Antonio Berardi's designs a lot, I've been asking myself whether we're going to see her wearing his controversial platform sandals without heels.

V. Recogidos, cintas, diademas * Hair tied up & Head bands

Si no respondí a todas las peticiones, pegarme un toque por fa.
If I didn't satisfy all your requests, pls drop me a line.

¿Te acuerdas de mi wishlist para Victoria del otro día? Pues ya podemos tachar uno de los vestidos. Aún no se desvelaron los detalles, pero hace un par de días Victoria estuvo en LA haciendo una sesión de fotos. Estaré pendiente para contar os los detalles en cuanto los tenga.
Remember my wishlist for Victoria from the other day? This dress is the first one of them Victoria wore already. Don't have any details so far but a couple of days ago she attened a photoshoot that took place in LA. I'll keep an eye on this so I can share the details with you as soon as I can.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrity trend: Jumpsuits

No es una tendencia que entró esta temporada y también la veremos la temporada que viene. Monos. Cortos y largos. Ajustados y anchos. Casual o para salir. Palabra de honor, con tirantes, sin mangas, con mangas... Negros, de colores, con estampados...
This trend didn't start this season and will continue quite strongly next season as well. Jumpsuits. Short and long. Body hugging and wide. For a casual look or for a special occasion. Strapless, sleeveless, with short sleeves... Blacks, coloured, with prints..

Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Temperley, Marc Jacobs... solamente son algunos de los diseñadores elegidos por las fashion queens. ¿Cuál es tu mono favorito?
Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Temperley, Marc Jacobs... are only some of the designer names chosen by the fashion queens. Which one is your favourite?

Faltan 3 días. Sarah Jessica en los últimos meses progatonizó muchas portadas relacionadas con la peli. Una de ellas fue la de Parade. En la revista no faltó una prueba de que los monos efectivamente son tendencia.
3 days left. Sarah Jessica was many magazines cover girl this year. One of them was Parade magazine. And inside the magazine a prove jumpsuits really are trendy.

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