Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week in Chic: For those who like contests & shopping tips

A partir de esta semana, cada miércoles, os voy a traer Week in Chic preparado por los miembros de Web Snob. Advertencia: ¡Exclusivamenet para l@s que quieren ganar algo o son adict@ a las compras!
From this week on, on Wednesdays, I'll be bringing you Week in Chic by Web Snob members. Warning: Exclusively for those who want to win something or you like shopping tips!

StyleBakery Exclusive: Win a Chic Juicy Couture Bag Stuffed With wet n wild Cosmetics!
Are you worried about revealing too much back buldge this summer? Well now you can say "Goodbye!" to Muffin-Tops!.
Summer can be rough on your feet, and that's why The Shoe Goddess is giving readers a chance to win Foot Petals.
This summer win a total closet makeover! Head on over to A Few Goody Gumdrops and enter the Closet Full of Towels Giveaway.
Coquette loves the affordable, eco-friendly fashion of Rogan for Target.
Fashiontribes helps you look fab fighting pre-summer flab.
Second City Style recommends updating your existing spring/summer wardrobe with one of these fabulous ruffle blouses.
Shrimpton Couture makes shopping for sultry summer nights easy with a vintage, original couture, Ossie Clark dress.

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