Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Trend: Tie Dye Jeans

Desteñidos, blanqueados con lejía. Desgastados, rotos. O incluso bordados o estampados. O decorados con espray. Una de las últimas tendencias de celebrities. Prácticamente todas las marcas incorporaron este estilo a sus colecciones para esta temporada, aunque la que más apostó por este revival de los 80 era sin duda Balmain (pa' morirse). Las trendsetters son las mismas de siempre, cuando se trata de tendencias para atrevidas. Y de momento hemos visto a las socias de este club lucir este tipo de vaqueros con un acabado clarito, ...

Tie dye, bleached, acid washed. Destroyed, ripped off. With embroidery, prints or sprayed on. One of the ultimate celebrity trends. Practically all the brands included this 80's style to their spring collections. The label that has developed all the range of them is Balmain (tie dye for...). The trensetters are the same as always, when it comes to trends for daring ladies. And so far the Tie Dye Club members were spotted wearing them in three different finishes: light blue, ...

... en azul oscuro, ...

... dark blue, ...

... y en tonos grises.

... and in grey tones.

¿Ya te apuntaste? ¿Y cuál es el que más te gusta?

Do you like this trend? And if so, which one do you like the best?

¿Que también tienes unos? Mándame la foto, si quieres. La compartiré con los demás seguidores de Sxy Fashion Queen.

That you are one of the trendsetters too? Send me the picture of your jeans. I'll share it with the rest of Sxy Fashion Queen readers.

Photos vía: Celebutopia, Rihannadaily, TFS, Zimbio, Theinsider


Leann said...

Hey, just found your blog from catalog. Splendid content made me have to comment.
Absolutely love this trend. In fact, it's also my desire to have one, at least a similar piece. the dispirited but handsome style is attractive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love this trend but I don't hink I'll be wearing them. I'm not that daring. But still thanks for this fab post!

Anonymous said...

I love love love these- bought a pair of silence and noise from urban outfitters. gained like three pounds and they make my legs look like sausages so had to take them back!

I think theyre great but you need the perfect body and they will most likely be a tired look by july

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a story about tie-dye accessories. I am writing a story about tie-dyed shoes, and I'm linking to your story. My story is at "". It should be up later today. Thanks!
Keep up the good work,
Colleen at

Edie's Fashion Factory said...

Wow, great posting! Love these dyed jeans look. Gonna try my hand at it maybe this weekend.