Thursday, October 18, 2007

SXY FASHION QUEEN, el nuevo miembro de/the new member of Pop-Life-Style!

Estoy orgullosa de poder compartir contigo que, a partir de hoy, ¡SXY FASHION QUEEN pertenece a!, un grupo exclusivo de on-line editoriales, editores, escritores y bloggers, todos con temática focalizada a diferentes partes del espectro de lifestyle. Pertenencia a Pop-life-style está limitada exclusivamente a las páginas con un contenido de mucho nivel. Parece que hoy es mi día :o)

I'm very proud to announce, that from now on, SXY FASHION QUEEN belongs to, an exclusive group of high quality online publishers, writers, bloggers, and editors from all ends of the lifestyle spectrum. Membership is strictly limited to professional publishers with only the best content. It seems today is my day :o)

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