Friday, December 5, 2008

Web Snob Weekly Potpourri

55 Secret Street vets candidates for Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown.
A Few Goody GumDrops is amazed that Birkin Shoppers were out in droves!
Stiletto Jungle picks "revenge dresses" for the newly single.
Allie is Wired showcases the gorgeous new Madonna for Louis Vuitton photos.
Bag Bliss talks with handbag designer June Chang of CHia New York.
Bag Snob- Hayden Panettiere hopes to become "Hero" of handbags!
Beauty Snob may be eating her holiday gifts!
Coquette gets cozy with a Pajama Party.
Fashion Pulse reveals how to look chic while staying bundled up this winter.
The Fashionable Housewife shows us Christmas Party Attire Meant To Dazzle. You'll be the belle of the ball!
KRISTOPHER is wanting, wearing, hating Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, on sale.
Media Personality Jacque Reid is Ladybrille's Woman of the Month!
Quinta Trends talks about the importance of a little black dress.
Second City Style is giving away 12 Days of Amazing Holiday Giveaways...sign up everyday!
Shopping and Info found Oprah’s favorite Tory Burch on sale .


Sandy said...

Can't forget Mr. Obama. He's chosen his tux and it is sharp, a satin notch lapel, one-button; the trousers are single-pleat with a grosgrain accent. Hart Schaffner Marx has announced that it will also dress Barack Obama for the Inauguration, suit with black cashmere overcoat.

The best part is that Hart Schaffner Marx is having an incredible sale, $25.50 shirts, $22.50 ties.

Dawn said...

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