Monday, May 25, 2009

Love her bag? Beyoncé & Maison Martin Margiela

¿Qué mejor para ir a un disco club que un bolso disco? El de Beyoncé es de Maison Martin Margiela creado, junto con otros complementos, para celebrar el 20 aniversario de la casa. Disponible también en negro.

What better accessory for a disco club night than a disco ball bag? The one Beyoncé is carrying is Maison Martin Margiela’s Slouchy Disco Ball Bag created for the 20th anniversary of the brand. Also available in black.

¿Qué te parece?

What do you think?

Photo vía: Celeb-city, Elle, MaisonMartinMargiela, Lanecrawford


Alfredo_Mb88 said...

Hello Sxy Fashion Queen, I've noticed your love for Thierry Mugler/Beyonce, Here's something you'll enjoy.

Smaller Pic

It's from her Tourbook, Thank Prospero from BWBoard, He scanned them.

Sxy Fashion Queen said...

Thanks so much, Alfredo_Mb88!!! I love that and her tourbook. I found it a couple of days ago on two of my favourite Beyoncé fansites and really enjoyed. Thanks again!!!

Alfredo_Mb88 said...

BTW, Do you own any of Thierry Muglers Books like "Fashion, Fetish, Fantasy", "Thierry Mugler: Photographer", or "Thierry Mugler, A Fashion Memoir". If not I have some scans/pictures of them if you would be interested. I've been foloing your blog and I noticed your love for Mr. Mugler (Awesome job by the way!) If you would be interested email me at If you already do have them, right on! They are awesome!

IulTONNik said...

I hate the crystals or sequins during daytime...even if Beyonce is wearing the bag mixt and matched with the Gianmarco Lorenzi Swarowski Crystal shoes, the grey leggings are tremendous...maybe I would like the Margiela silver sequin bag combined with a pair of snickers...maybe...