Friday, August 15, 2008

Love my bag: Kate Beckinsale & Marc Jacobs Day Fluo Stam Bag

Kate en diferentes ocasiones y su bolso favorito de este verano, Day Fluo Stam de Marc Jacobs amarillo neón.

Kate in several occasions and her favourite Yellow Marc Jacobs Day Fluo Stam Bag.

El mismo bolso, en rosa neon, se ha visto en compañia de Christina Milian.

The same bag, in neon pink, was spotted on Christina Milian.

¿Cuál de los prefieres? O mejor, ¿qué tal tú y esta tendencia?

Which one do you prefer? Or maybe I should ask... do you like this trend?

Source: Teamsugar, Celebutopia, Thefashionspot, Bauergriffinonline


Fashion Addict said...

That bag is really cute, I like the pink one more though!

You have a nice blog here and I was wondering if you would like to link up with mine, so please let me know when you have the time!

Robin said...

I love the bag! The colour is so pretty

depilacion laser said...

que buenas carteras!
la rosa es la que mas me ha gustado

Fashion Designer said...

ouch!! neon green is not so good on eyes...I also preferred the pink handbag.